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Kata Ganti Sebagai ‘Korban’ – Objective Pronoun



Gatra Dewata – Pembaca setia Gatra Dewata yang baru bergabung mohon untuk tertib ya! Pembahasan hari ini merupakan kelanjutan edisi yang lalu tentang subjective pronoun.

Namun, akan lebih baik jika anda memahami Subject Pronoun sebelum melangkah ke pembahasan yang satu ini. Untuk itu silahkan buka kembali pembahasan sebelumnya – klik DISINI.

“Object Pronoun (OP) merupakan kata ganti untuk menyatakan orang atau benda – baik dalam bentuk tunggal maupun jamak – sebagai objek.”

Jadi, jika anda menyusup kedalam OP maka posisi anda adalah sebagai orang yang akan mendapatkan perlakuan, entah itu baik maupun buruk, tergantung karma anda selama ini.

Simak contoh berikut untuk dapat lebih mudah memahaminya:

Skenarionya, pada pertarungan tinju kelas berat akhir pekan lalu saya mengalahkan abang anda di ronde ke tiga. Dalam hal ini abang andalah yang mengisi posisi sebagai OP, karena dialah yang mendapat perlakuan dari saya. Dialah yang saya pukuli sepanjang tiga ronde sampai babak belur dibagian mata dan dagu, sebagai bonus – darah segar mengucur dari hidungnya.

Bahasa Inggrisnya: I beat him on the third round last weekend.”

Saya ulangi, kata ‘I’ disini berlaku sebagai SP (masih inget, kan?), sementara ‘him’ (your big bro; he) sebagai OP. Untuk lebih lengkapnya silakan simak perubahan dari subjective ke objective pronoun berikut ini:

Sebagaimana anda saksikan sendiri bahwa ada beberapa OP yang enggan berubah wujud. Mereka tetap pada wujud aslinya ketika masih menjabat sebagai SP. Mereka adalah ‘you’ dan ‘it.’

Sebagaimana SP, OP juga punya ciri khusus dalam kedudukannya sebagai korban. Ia biasanya berada di tengah kalimat. Contohnya, kata ‘him’ pada kalimat diatas ada di tengah kalimat, tul gak? ‘Biasanya’ berarti tidaklah mutlak. Kadang ia juga berada di depan kalimat.


It (my laptop) was stolen yesterday

My laptop yang di ganti dengan OP ‘it’ mendapat perlakuan tidak menyenangkan oleh sang pencuri, yaitu dicuri tempo hari. Jadi dalam hal ini laptop anda bertindak sebagai OP.

Untuk lebih mematangkan pemahaman anda tentang OP, kerjakanlah tugas tugas berikut dan sebutkan yang mana bertindak sebagai OP!

  1. I adore him since the first sight.
  2. I bought her a luxury house in Pondok Indah.
  3. I trained my mother in law how to play Golf.
  4. I clean it twice a day.

The bill was settled by Cindy.

Sekian dulu pembahasan tentang ‘Objective Pronoun’ – selamat belajar buat rekan rekan semuanya.

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Polisario Front is Accused of Military Recruitment of Children



GATRA DEWATA | ALGER | In flagrant violation of all international conventions against military recruitment of children, “Polisario Front” is shown red-handed during the visit of special envoy of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Staffan de Mistura, accompanied by a UN delegation to Tindouf camps, located on Algerian territory. This is the second visit on his first tour in the region since his appointment in last November 2021.

In the same vein, January 04, 2021, The French NGO “International Alliance for Rights and Freedoms” (AIDL) strongly condemns the recruitment of children and their exploitation in conflicts and wars.

According to the same organization, the recruitment and exploitation of children by immersing them in areas of conflict and war, is an international crime that requires international prosecution against all criminals who are involved.

Everyone knows that the Sahrawi children are forced to move to Cuba, with the aim of indoctrinating them ideologically, subjecting them to military training and exploiting them while depriving them of all contact with their families. This forced immigration is considered a serious violation of the provisions of the Protocol against the Smuggling of Migrants by Land, Sea and Air, supplementing the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, hence the civil and criminal liability of Polisario leaders and their accomplices.

The last visit made in Tindouf camps by Staffan de Mistura and his stuff lay bare the involvement of “Polisario Front” on military recruitment of children. (PERSISMA/Red)

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Yoga Iswara, Verified, Certified, Vaccinated, Bali Ready to Open Border




Dr. Yoga Iswara, BBA., BBM., MM., CHA Ketua IHGMA DPD Bali

GATRADEWATA | KARANGASEM | Met at the Moral Declaration of the Forum Bali Bangkit with Tourism Component by inviting 32 leaders of the Association in Bali, in the event to declare their determination and bring aspirations from the bottom line with efforts to encourage and support the opening of the Bali Open Border for the month of July.

The condition of Bali which has been ravaged due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has lasted more than a year, which has made Bali instantly paralyzed and suspended in motion with Bali’s economic growth contracting minus (-) 9.31% (2020).

Dr. Yoga Iswara, BBA., BBM., MM., CHA., as the Chairperson of the Indonesian Hotel General Manager Association (IHGMA) DPD Bali, said that now is a point of momentum for him in the tourism association with the Bali Bangkit Forum, “We are with 30 tourism stakeholders  who joined, we all want that in the Bali Bangkit Forum for the Bali Open Border (Bali is reopened), this declaration is not merely new but goes through a long process. We take this idea from President Jokowi’s input when visiting Bali (March 2021)  , July Bali can be opened, and the Governor of Bali also knows that,” explained Yoga Iswara, Wednesday (16/06/2021), at Wantilan Besakih, Karangasem Regency, Bali.

He also explained that Bali had tried to recognize, adapt and make peace with Covid-19.  “We have to be bigger than the covid itself, of course with the implementation of the CHSE we need to tighten up, but we start to strengthen the economic movement again, so that the health and economic aspects can go hand in hand,” he explained.

Yoga Iswara there also explained that he and the government have been vaccinating all tourism actors in Bali (Vaccinated), and carrying out the CHSE (Cleanliness), Health (Health), Safety (Security) health protocol program.  Environment Sustainability) (Certified), and verified (Verified).  “It’s time for the government to listen to our aspirations for the Bali Open Border. We hope that these aspirations can be heard in all components that have authority for the Bali New Era,” he hoped by explaining that this declaration is a moral support for the government to be able to save Bali through Open Border.

Asked about the government’s Work From Bali (WFB) program which will be rolled out for Bali, “We in the Bali Bangkit Forum are also making movement efforts for Bali, Work From Bali is a positive program but we do not only expect from the government side but also  from the private side who do their work in Bali,” he said.

Not only that, he also advised WFB not only to work, “We hope that this program will not only work but also have activities in Bali, so the term is work and fun in Bali. This is a good stimulus and trigger to stimulate the economy in Bali as well, ” he explained.

“Our friends from tourism actors, all of us have had an impact for almost 1.5 years, indeed our storms are the same but our boats are different. Today we made a declaration to equalize energy and perception to all stakeholders having a sense of crisis, sense of urgency and sense of empathy  The same is true for how we can rise up, so stay strong, let’s help us show the international and domestic world how we have carried out strict procedures, vaccinations (1.4 million), so that we are confident for Bali and this makes us ready to open  Bali in July 2021,” he concluded.  (Ray)

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Wyndham Garden Kuta Beach Bali support local bussinesses by launching a weekly garden market.



GATRADEWATA.COM|| Kuta Bali .16 February 2019. Wyndham Garden Kuta Beach Bali partnered up with the Bali Bazaar Community to support the local bussiness in Bali. The beachfront hotel launched the Garden Market last Saturday for guest, tourist, ang Bali local to enjoy a day out with the family.
Visitors were able to enjoy live music while shopping for some of Bali’s best handcrafts, cloths and souvenir.

Guest can enjoy an “all can you ray ” BHW and take advantage of 20 % discount on other Food and Beverage at either Capello Bar or Coffee ‘ n Oven.

General Manager Bagus Ngurah said this new event is just the beginning of more exciting things to come.
Wyndham Garden Kuta Beach launching the Garden Market is just one of the many events guests can expect this year.
With the renovations slowly coming to an end we can start making plans for the future.
Working with all these local bussiness to sell the real Bali has been great and we cannot wait to explore more options for the near future !.

Garden Market at Wyndham Garden Kuta Beach Bali take place every Saturday from 10 am till 10 pm in the evening

Wyndham Market Kuta Beach is located on a absolute beachfront in Bali,Indonesia. It offers stylish and spacious guestrooms ranging from executive rooms and suites with pool acces and ocean views. The resort features two pools- a family pool for children and rooftop pool overlooking the ocean, a day spa and meeting room for seminars and events.
For more detail please visit website
( INN.W)

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